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Friday, 5 November 2021 - 04:00 - Sabato, 6 Novembre 2021 - 11:40

Robotic Colorectal Surgery

Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to welcome you to the first CRSA European Virtual Conference being held on November 5 – 6, 2021. The meeting will focus on robotic colorectal surgery with dedicated sessions on two hot topics:
right colectomy and rectal cancer surgery.
Speakers will analyze technical details, new technologies, and different approaches and applications of robotic techniques to treat right colon and rectal cancer.

The program format includes Relive surgery, keynote lectures, round table discussions, oral presentations, and face-to-face presentations.
During the live surgery, the critical steps of robotic right colectomy with HVL and CME and of robotic TME will be discussed.
In addition, there will be lectures on the robotic treatment of diverticular disease and post-operative perineal hernia repair.
The panel discussions will include worldwide experts in robotic colorectal surgery.

For this year, and I hope for the last time, we are still not able to meet in person, but I hope to see all of you in Italy next year for the CRSA Worldwide Annual Congress in Rome.

A virtual welcome to all participants, and special thanks to all
the invited speakers.

Paolo Pietro Bianchi



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